The most important question in caregiving

Sep 5, 2017 | Caregiver Inspiration, Emotional Support, Practical Advice | 0 comments

The most important question caregivers can ask is a simple one that covers a wide variety of issues. It can help make solid decisions and allows caregivers to take better care of themselves. It can be asked before we take action, prior to making a decision, planning a future event or conversation or most importantly right before we decide how to approach a challenge.

The question is this:

How does this serve me as well us others? 

When we begin to answer this question we are making sure that the action we take or decision we make takes into consideration our own well-being in addition to the well-being of those we care for. This guarantees a better life choice for all concerned.

The reason I emphasize the necessity of such a simple question is that most caregivers are the first to consider others and the last to consider themselves. We rush to the rescue of those we love and care for and forget to think about the effect our actions have on us. We can become overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated or anxious. When we include our own feelings and well-being into the equation we can avoid or at least reduce our emotional and physical stress.

We need understand that by making sure our needs are met first and foremost we not only protect ourselves from burnout, we are guaranteeing the most positive environment for those we care for.

So the next time you are confronted with a challenge, decision or need for a new plan of action ask how everyone needs to be served for the best outcome. Moving forward with this information and consideration creates a great place for healing and nurturing. Everyone scores.

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