Thanksgiving for Caregivers

Nov 21, 2017 | Caregiver Inspiration, Emotional Support, Practical Advice | 0 comments

On my early morning commute into the city, I saw something that made me burst into tears. Entering the subway station elevator a woman was gently guiding another woman who appeared to be her mother into the center of the car. Once inside, with her hand on the older woman’s shoulder, she patiently waited and watched as her Mom struggled to open her purse to put her metro card away. Finally after a few minutes, with a big smile on her face, Mom handed both the purse and her metro card to her daughter who, smiling back with a warm, sincere smile of her own calmly took them and put away the card. She returned the purse to her Mom and remarked about their plans for the Holidays. It was a warm, kind, loving exchange between two people who know and trust each other.

As the elevator landed and we all got out I was behind them and watched them walk together to the subway train hand and hand in easy harmony.

It was then I began to cry. I cried because of blessing I received in being able to witness such love and acceptance between two people; I cried because I missed my Mom; I cried because of the pain and discomfort the two of the must surely face in the future; and I cried because of the sadness and grief that daughter will face as a caregiver.

I was struck by the thought that caregiving is such a labor of intense love and commitment. I prayed in that moment that they are both blessed with peace and sent a thank you up to the universe for people who cared for each other.

Thanksgiving for me always feels like its name; a time for Thanksgiving. I feel immense gratitude for all the good things and good people in my life. Seeing that Caregiver Warrior caring for her Mom with such grace filled me with thanksgiving for her and all the caregivers out there who are showing up and suiting up in the service of others all around the world.

If you have a caregiver in your life, take time to let them know how thankful you are for them. See if you can lend them a hand, give them a much-needed break, call them to check in and ask how they are doing (and really listen to their answer) or just give them a hug and tell them how wonderful they are. They are often forgotten and taken for granted and such simple acknowledgment can mean the world to them. They don’t expect to be appreciated but bask in its glory when they are. They deserve our prayers and gratitude every day, especially at this time of year.

I wish all the Caregiver Warriors and their families the happiest and healthiest of Thanksgivings. Like that kind caregiver riding the elevator with me that morning, you inspire me every day and I am so thankful for everything you do and all that you are. Much love!





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